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The Art Of Shamanic Healing: Listening To Unseen Needs

The Art Of Shamanic HealingIn a world where holistic healing practices are gaining increasing recognition, the realm of shamanic healing stands out as a diverse and multifaceted domain. As a Shamanic practitioner I have noticed a focus on certain “trendy” healing rituals like “Soul Retrieval” or “Past Life Regression”. However I have found that when focussing on a particular want or perceived need it can be so easy as the practitioner to overlook what is really needed. I soon realised that what’s crucial in the world of shamanic healing is not just the ritual itself but the art of listening to the unseen needs of the client and gaining the perfect balance between the two; the true art of shamanic healing.

The Importance of Staying Open

As a shamanic practitioner, I’ve had countless clients come to me seeking specific types of healing. Sometimes, based on their description of their issues or my initial assessment, I might believe they need a particular form of shamanic healing. However, it’s important to remember that energy is a fluid and dynamic force. What seems like the most pressing issue on the surface may not necessarily be the root cause of the imbalance.

Recently, I had an experience with a client that highlighted the importance of staying open to the energy and the client’s intuitive needs. This particular individual presented with several blockages in their energy field, and my initial assessment suggested they needed a power retrieval, possibly combined with ancestral healing. However, just before I began the ritual, my guides instructed me to pause and perform a connection ritual instead.

The Power of Connection

Holding HandsIn this moment, I connected with my client on an energetic level. I held their hands and sensed a deep hesitation within them, of connecting energetically with another human being. This was a significant moment of realisation, as I understood that their immediate need was not a power retrieval or ancestral healing, but a deep emotional release and healing in the heart and throat chakras.

The Healing Journey

As I gently placed my hand on their heart, my client’s emotions began to pour out. Tears flowed freely as they released the stagnant energy that had been trapped within them due to a lack of connection in their life. In that sacred space, I worked with their energy to facilitate the release, cleanse their emotional wounds, and help them clear their Heart & Throat chakras. This profound healing release continued for at least 40 minutes, during which their energy gradually balanced, and the emotional burdens they had been carrying were lifted.

The Lesson of Open-Mindedness

Reflecting on this experience, I am reminded of

  • The importance of maintaining an open mind as a shamanic practitioner. While it’s essential to have a clear intent and focus when conducting healing rituals, it’s equally crucial to let the energy flow and show us what is truly needed. It’s the difference between having a conversation with your client and talking at them.
  • That it’s ok to change the plan! If I had stubbornly proceeded with the initial plan of a power retrieval, my client may not have experienced the emotional release and healing they so desperately needed. Furthermore, they might not have been in the balanced state required to fully benefit from any subsequent rituals or healing work.

The world of shamanic healing is a diverse tapestry of practices and techniques, each with its own unique strengths and applications. However, what remains constant is the importance of listening to the client and the energy in the moment. Sometimes, the most profound healing occurs when we let go of preconceived notions and open ourselves to the guidance of the unseen forces at play.

As shamanic practitioners, our role is not just to perform rituals but to be conduits for healing, adapting to the ever-changing needs of those who seek our assistance. In the end the art of Shamanic Healing is listening and responding to the unseen needs that can truly facilitate transformation and growth in the world of shamanic healing.

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