about us

Harooma and Hama first met in 2016, a pivotal moment in their lives! Soul mates, twin flames and best of friends. Our knowlege has consistently evolved over the years untill the scope of our skills and passions have focussed to the creation of Hummingbird Wing. Taking joy from helping and watching people grow through their challenges, we are truly walking the path that we have been called to in this lifetime creating a welcoming environment inclusive to all.

HArroma Profile Picture
Harooma Nahyoway

With Tantric Massage I work exclusively with Women and Non-Binary/Trans AFAB people. In all other modalities I work with women, the LGBTQIA+ community and select Cis men with mental/physiological issues who wish to grow spiritually.

As a Sexual High Priestess my calling is to help others to step into and harness their divine masculine & feminine energies, guiding from the leash of trauma into the positive qualities of natural balance.

My body is my temple, it heals and teaches. It is where I worship and connect with the universal forces of nature. When needed, I use my body to help my clients heal, grow and evolve into their true self.

I use my hands to massage and to hold you in safety, I use my tongue to speak the truths you need to hear, I use my body to connect with your energy and to show you how to worship the divine feminine and masculine within yourself and others, I use my soul to understand what you need to evolve.

Our bodies are not a source of shame, they are beautiful and worthy of worship no matter how mature they may be or what size, shape or colour. I help clients to overcome limitations and be their true beautiful self.

My Skills Include:

COSCA Counselling Skills

BSc (Hons) Psychology

UWS Diploma In Mentoring Skills

Diploma in Health & Social Care

Occupational Therapy Support

Usui Reiki Master

Advanced Theta Practitioner

Tantric Massage Therapist

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I work with all of those who resonate with my energy, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Hama’Ungaya is my soul name (what some may consider my shamanic name) my birth name is Michael.​ Shamanism is a large part of who I am and I bring it into all aspects of my work. I am deeply connected to the Earth energy and this solid grounding energy can be felt by all of those who engage with me in a healing space.

I continuously strive to learn in order to provide the best care that I can to those who seek out my support. This learning has been in the form of traditional academia as well as channelled information from my guides, my higher self, the stone people and other shamanic teachers.


My Skills Include:

Shamanic Practitioner

Master Intuitive Life Coach

Tantric Massage Therapist

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Dimensional Reiki Practitioner

Amaran Reiki Practitioner

Colour Life Palette Consultant

Intuitive Life Purpose Consultant

Spiritual Tarot Consultant

I have trod the dark alleys of toxic masculinity, I have denied my true self because it did not align with who society said I should be and who I thought I needed to be.

As a result I didn’t know who I was because I felt I should be defined by my masculinity but I didn’t know what a real man was! I denied the powerful feminine energy within me because “real men” cannot display feminine qualities. Thankfully my own journey, with its ups and downs, made me confront the questions of “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” allowing me to embrace my innate feminine qualities and understand that to be a real man I just had to be me, that gender in and of itself means nothing as we are all just souls, with no need to be labelled.

We are all beautiful, even at our weakest and most traumatized. Sometimes, we simply need someone to hold space for us, hear our story, and accept us for who we are. As a shamanic practitioner, I provide this space and offer guidance to help people rebuild themselves anew.”